Interview with Hatice Bayramoglu

Interview with Hatice Bayramoglu

This is an interview with Hatice Bayramoglu, a 3d/2d artist and illustrator from Istanbul

Hatice, first of all, please, tell us a few words about yourself

My name is Hatice Bayramoglu and I was born in Turkey and actually live in Istanbul. I am a self-taught CG Character Artist and illustrator. And it’s going to be now 5 years as I’m in CG. I have a team of four people. We are all doing 3D jobs for our clients as freelancers in Internet. I started doing 3D and 2D art professionally in 2008. Well, at the beginning it was not easy. At first I started building my own portfolio so that people started to know me, than I began to get some freelanceworks offers from 3d and 2d forums and made some great experiences.

When did you start doing digital painting? What was your first work and what do you remember about it?

Well it is a bit tough question :) I’ve always loved to make 2d drawings. My first 2D digitally related work was to paint a female warrior character with PS in 2006. Before that I remember drawing some kind of female characters and a human head and some environment drawings probably in at the age of 8 or 7. Well It’s hard to remember a point where I actually started to draw, it seems like something I’ve just always been doing.

What was the reason of choosing this occupation? Did you start it as hobby or your aim was to build up a career in this field? Did you have any Art related schooling?

The main reason I started doing CG was because of my passion for playing the Toystory Computer Game when I was younger. When I saw Toystory Computer Game for the first time I was impressed so much that I decided to learn deeper about 3d when I grow up. Well at first I was just doing with computer 3D-character art and buying 3d tutorial books and studying 3d tutorials in my free time from school work. I learned a lot with tutorials, making of and articles on internet. As you see I started doing 3D as a hobby in 2000 and till 2006 it has been a growing passion that made me decide to try as a professional CG Character artist. And after some times later I realized that my growth as an artist was being limited because so much of my time was being spent on technical issues rather than artistry and art. It was quite difficult at the beginning, I decided to basically teach myself how to paint digitally, to learn traditional painting methods and the fundamentals with the art books tutorials. I studied a lot of artbooks (for example like the Andrew_Loomis_Books) to improve my knowledge in drawings but also learnt a lot with tutorials, making of and articles in internet. I do think anyone who wants to be a painter or a CG artist always needs a good art base. Even if you don’t have money for a special course you can teach yourself how to draw or paint digitally, learn traditional painting methods and the fundamentals with the art books tutorials. I do think this is very important. In short I haven’t got a course or went an artschool. I’m a self-taught CG Artist as I said before.

Let’s talk about your works. Where do you get the ideas for such amazing characters?

Well, personally, the more I think about it, the harder it gets to answer this question. I’m not sure where my inspiration comes from, I think it comes from  novels,comic books and films.  I suppose everything  around me can spark my imagination. I was reading and enjoying comic books a lot when I was a child and still I love to read comic books and  daydreaming too:)

I think it will be interesting for our readers to learn about your work “The bird sense in the mind”. Where do you get inspiration and ideas to create this artwork? Please tell us in detail about the process of its creation. What stage was the most difficult for you? How long did you work on it?

Well, at the beginning of this picture creation I wanted to paint a picture that represents the angry feeling (that in human mind) in my painting. Because on these days I was very angry on a specific subject and suddenly I felt the need to create a fantasy character, the one I would represent my feelings as abstract picture. When I started working on the project ” The bird sense in the mind ” I had not really determined the definite final composition. I had thought only how to draw a picture that will be the sight of the perception of anger in human mind as an abstract painting or maybe how to draw a picture that will be the sight of the “the change of the sense in the mind” but when the exact picture come to my mind I decide to change changed words because of the presentation picture. You know the attitudes are very complicated in human mind and it will be more complicated and hard to understand when you want to translates any idea on a paper as a painting. It could be 3d or 2d, I haven’t decided at  first. But when I remembered how much time I will loose for a digital picture with 3d programs so I quickly decided to use Photoshop. I had chosen a bird character for to represent the human mind and in order to give it an anger look, I covered it with red colours and applied shadow where necessary and emphasized the highlights. Well, maybe it is a very complicated explanation but I do think it is satisfactory for your question. I worked about 20 hours on this Project. And finally I added some more light red colours and finished the painting. And changed the name of my picture as “The bird sense in the mind” .

Do you have any works done just for yourself? When you are working on personal projects what type of work do you like to do? Do you have any favourite characters, themes?

Oh yeah, there are lots of personal artworks in my portfolio. My favourite personal artworks are the “just a daydream ” , “far and away” and “Sipahi” paintings. Those characters are my favourite. On my personal projects I try to represent a certain feeling. I always want to work on daydreams” and “historical events “ These themes are very fascinating for me. Till these themes keep inspiring me, I will paint them. And also I like  modeling 3d cartoon characters in cartoony stylish style.

Are you a perfectionist? How many renders does it take you to achieve that final perfect image you are happy with? Have you any tricks and your own “know-how” in painting, if it’s not secret tell us about them?

Hımm a good question :) Well, no in generally I’m not a perfectionist. Generally it doesn’t take me to make so much time to archive the final perfect image. For me it has  always been great to see how an idea is embodied on a paper as a painting. You have an idea of a character or an environment in your mind and then later you  can make it alive with 2d painting. It is very enchanting. Well for example my “just a daydream painting” took my 6-7 hours. So, as you see I can’t be patient to work 25 or 30 hours on a personal projects. I must see the idea on a paper quickly. But generally I work about 25 or 30 hours on a client Painting Projects. That includes the whole process, starting from sketch. And  of course time for details.

What do you feel are your the most productive working hours? How do you manage to avoid procrastination and hit deadlines effectively?

Well, for me there is no specific time for this. As I’ve said before for me it has always been great to see how an idea  comes  on a paper. It gives me some kind of excitement  to see the idea finished. I think this excitement keeps me from any procrastination about the paintings.

How do you manage to combine your personal life and work? Do you have any hobbies? Is it easy for you to find the time for your family, friends?

I try to organize my time very carefully. My free time is very limited. If I’m not working  on a certain project certainly I’m reading novels, comic books, watching historical movies, making some quick drawings, doing family visits and going out with my family. And I like history. I’m quite interested in Assyrian and Ottoman history.

What can you say to inspire those artists who are just starting to work in CG?

Well, I just can say:  practice a lot and be patient about your progress. İt is just a matter of practice

Thank you for the interview and wish you all the best!

You are most welcome.

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