Interview with Yukari Masuike

Interview with Yukari Masuike

Here you can read the interview with a talented Japanese illustrator Yukari Masuike exclusively for

Hi, Yukari! First of all, tell our readers what is the reason of choosing digital painting as a career? Did you start it just as a hobby or did you see the potential for your career?

I studied the oil painting at Musashino Art University. The reason that I draw by digital now is that the place need not be wide and the correction is easy.

Where do you get the ideas for these amazing artworks?

It is all the one that I am influenced. Photograph, comic, game, movie, Painting and ukiyoe…


When you are working on personal projects what type of work do you like to do?

I am making my personal book every year. After the idea is sketched when going out, and as I come home, the picture is drawn.


Please tell us anything about your work “Titan’s kitchen”, from where you get inspiration and ideas to create this artwork? Please tell us in detail about the process of its creation. What stage was the most difficult for you? How long did you work on it?

To exhibit “Titan’s kitchen” to the event named pixiv, I was drawing.
It is this that I bore it in my mind. Comparing huge food and girls , the mysterious world, light, and warmth. I drew some the rough sketches first. I drew it with photoshop CS3. I remember that I began to draw from the mass of left meat. Girls at the center were drawn at the end. It was the most difficult for me. Because it is necessary to express girls’ eating the dish really delicious. After work, I have been drawing this picture for several hours between periods of one month.


How many renders does it take you to achieve that final perfect image you are happy with? Have you any tricks and your own “know-how” in painting, if it’s not secret tell us about them?

The things are the same as drawing on paper with paints though I draw the picture by digital.
It is “light and darkness ” to take care when I draw. The picture is decided by arranging white and the black.


What do you feel are your most productive working hours? How do you manage to avoid procrastination and hit deadlines effectively?

I like state that the picture is completed by 80% or more. I think that shifting to 70%~80% at the stage where the term of works is early is important. I manage to avoid procrastination as I know Ishould spend time to achieve the quality I can consent .


How do you manage to combine your personal life and work? Is it easy for you to find the time for your family, friends?

I think that spending time with my family and friends and drawing the picture are similarly important. I make effort to find time for everything.


What advice can you give to artists looking for work or having a desire to make a career in this field?

You should be impressed. Having contact with nature is important, too. It is necessary to carry the note with you. Because the idea is written down at once, it is very important.


Yukari Masuike , thank you so much for your time and we wish you success in your work and new ideas!

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