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Interview with Alessandro Sarritzu

Alessandro Sarritzu, also known as HitsuSan, professional Concept Artist.

Interview with Adam Duff

Adam Duff is a concept artist, 3D artist and character designer based in Montreal, Canada.

50 Fairy Tale Characters

This collection of digital character illustrations is based on well-known fairy tales.

50 Awesome Digital Dragon Paintings

In this post we’ve chosen 50 awesome digital paintings of dragons -the symbol of 2012.

50 Digital Painting Book Covers

Look through this collection of book covers and find something inspiring for you

35 Digital Painting Posters

This is a mix of amazing digital painting posters. Check them out

Interview with Andrew Blackman

“I believe an artist is defined by what he depicts. It should be his own unique vision of the world rather than an attempt to cater to what he thinks the audience might want.”

25 Digital Portraits of Children

I hope this collection will inspire you…

30 Sci-fi Digital Paintings

A collection of 30 digital paintings of Sci-fi world will help to enrich your imagination

30 Digital Portraits of Celebrities

We’ve selected 30 digital paintings of celebrities. We hope that these works will inspire you

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