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Making of First Light Petals

“First Light Petals” was a work that sought to integrate some of the inherent peculiarities native to oil painting into a fundamentally digital medium; using computer software and virtual tools to emulate the sensibilities and techniques comprised by the oil-on-canvas aesthetic.

Making of Fotia

In this tutorial George Patsouras describes in details how his work “Fotia” was created and gives useful tips.

Digital Sketching and Surfaces Tutorial

In this lesson, Steve Argyle covers some of his sketching/composition process. Then a quick bit of skin surface shading, smooth and rough surfaces. After that he gives away some of his know-hows. For example, how to paint digital fire.

75 Most Wanted Digital Painting Tutorials

Today we posted very usefull collection of 75 Most Wanted Digital Painting Tutorials around top cg sites. In this collection you will find a lot of usefull and inmpressive tutorials by Digital Painting. Thanks.