Category: Digital Painting

Making of Pop

Making of Pop by Julian Gibson

Timelapse Painting by Stefan Eriksson

Time-lapse Painting by Stefan Eriksson

Digital Painting by Fernando Souza

Personal illustration created to show one of my digital painting techniques.

Drawing an icon in Photoshop

Drawing basic icon in perspective in Photoshop

Speedpainting “Master chief”

Time-lapse Painting by Stefan Eriksson

Making of “Flower of Life”

Making of Flower of Life with Krita for Windows

Speedpainting “Nostalgia Critic”

A speedpainting of The Nostalgia Critic ( done in Photoshop CS5

Tutorial “Drawing spaceship from sketch”

Drawing in Photoshop. Digital painting.

Speedpainting by Julian Gibson

Timelapse video of my first painting trying out Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

Speed Painting “Megan Fox” by Daniel Hammonds

Speed painting of Megan Fox, created in Photoshop

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