Character Painting by Markus Lovadina

Time lapse of a character painting by Markus Lovadina.

Speedpainting – Magic Tree

This video is a speed painting of the 1 hour and 14 minute digital painting I created.

Pirate Dragon – Speed Painting

Video showing a painting process based on a Feng Zhu technique called “From chaos to control”.

Making of “Mario & Luigi”

Here you’ll find the commented making of for the Mario & Luigi’s picture I created, from zero to the final image.

Speedpainting “Avatar”

Speed Painting by Stefan Eriksson

Let’s (digital)Paint!

This video tutorial is a step by step guide about digital painting for “real” beginners.

Making of Angelina Jolie

Digital Painting – ANGELINA JOLIE with photoshop by Stephanie Valentin

Digital Painting Tutorial “Creating an Apple”

This is a tutorial for those who are wanting to start digital painting. This is of a still life including an apple.

Piggy Gas Timelapse

I created it with MyPaint for the base sketch, and used Inkscape to the rest of the work

Chronosphere – Time-lapse Painting

Time-lapse Painting by Stefan Eriksson

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