Creating an Alien World using Photoshop

Creating an Alien World using Photoshop
Skill Level: Intermediate
Used Software: Photoshop
Completion Time: 40:00

In this tutorial I would take an image of a nature and slowly transform it into an Alien World.
From time to time every artist has to combine multiply images together for the desired final result. By this it doesn’t matter if you combine objects, different photos or just placing an item in your image. What matters is the way how you can implement the object inside the image that nobody would guess that this “extra” object wasn’t on the image also before. Of course there are several ways in Photoshop how to achieve this and I will show you some. In this tutorial I would take an image of a nature and slowly transform it into an Alien World.

For this I would use firstly masking techniques for cutting out the original sky from all objects in the original image. After I will use a different space sky with two planets and add it to our already edited image using the original clouds to cover the sky and create a dramatic look. To fine-tune the image I will quickly and easily create a water reflection of one of the planets and change the colors of the image to a red looking planet like Mars. The last step would be some post-production of the merged layers using filters into the final image.

Creating masks for image manipulating
Combining different images together
Creating reflections in the water
Cutting off a tree with leafs
Replacing background
Manipulating the image using layers and filters
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