Making of “Chain of Holy Glare”

Making of “Chain of Holy Glare”
Skill Level: Advanced
Used Software: Photoshop
Completion Time: 5 hours

In the tutorial of “ Chain of Holy Glare ” by Zhuang Yue Xiao(China) the human race begins to undergo a furious persecution from the devilwood.


Art is very subjective and perceptual process, in a matter of opinion, under the aesthetic, the work we must be thoughtful. No content, no matter how good the picture at best, mechanical brush, rigid theory and representation effects of the combination of software, that would be empty, without a soul. Individuals on the creation of state is the best painting process, his vision of the overhead into the world of immersive Scene in which the role of a camel and contacts, travel and feel something. As a result, each stroke of the software operation is no longer boring , Also no longer have the tedious distractions layer command. Instead, enjoy the painting process of stimulation and magical journey traveling Process. Writing a good fantasy works, we must first set a world view and background of the story, spend too much more thought . This is an integral part of many students tend to think that this is optional process, but precisely this seemingly useless Preliminary groundwork, so that a main line running through the entire creative process. “ Chain of Holy Glare ” described as ” In Morocco Age, human race begins to undergo a furious persecution from the devildom. Mankind is suffering an ever unprecedented severity caused by truceless chaos and wars. Among the negligible number of triumphs, Claustre Battle is one of the rememberable fights against the devildom human race has. In the early stage of this battle, human race actively strives for mechanical force development to counterattack the devildom, but their firepower seems to be too limited to maintain the defense. Right then, the heaven gives a hand to mankind: Angel Saint is appointed to rescue human race. He uses the “Chain of Holy Glare”– his magical spell, controlling all the soldiers from the devildom and turning them into “Borderless Saint Guards”, to fight back the devildom. The tremendous power of “Borderless Saint Guards” makes the situation entirely turned around for mankind.

STEP 1: determine the general composition

At this time as a draft concept design stage, the most casual to the most emotional state of mind put pen to paper and pen style, hold on to paint the first time Between passion and good mental state, the image of the brain generally large blocks of color with concise shown. As a protagonist The general community of St David of course is the first reflection of the image, the role of the evil and cruel magical first determine standing, and then bio- Deconstruction of the individual structural reorganization and exaggerated, so that the basic framework for establishing the role. As for the use of brush painting, and I a picture of the cabin ps 95% of all round brush, as well as function keys, the use of shortcut keys, I believe the era of Mars Guide Channel are many other fine details of the artist speaks , not here repeat.

STEP 2: adjust the brightness between the background and subject

Subject matter is particularly important position, painting and finishing process is the process of continually checking, during which they will want to emerging new Law, then do not wait, do not keep the later paintings, a good picture in fact, take away the most unsightly place immediately changing for the better, Develop such good habits, paint can greatly improve efficiency. Second, the subject matter is off the background, the main basic Profile performance is inevitable, as the main background of the service, the brightness, saturation adjusted at any time as the theme.

STEP 3: the expansion of the composition

Initial monochrome painting. According to the screen required, increasing the horizontal length of the canvas, the protagonist of the embodiment of evil make wings stretching space. Then use the gradient Article access color, initially established between black and white ash body theme. Many students after the completion of CG paintings do not always run gamut Obvious case, it is because there is no pre-gray to black and white color gamut set a good early relationship, so the resulting product to color after the totally A situation. Remember, good color work (whether it is CG work or painting and other traditional arts), to color after all A good sketches.

STEP 4: the detailed concept design

At this point, we have to learn early on the disorderly structure of brush strokes, the randomness, the clever design of derivative to find points. I The teaching is called “Chaos to take based method”, referring to the design element is the transfer of some random brush strokes found in the whim , Not like a good go in after the direct debit details. Because it can be a lot of change, is flexible so that the screen is designed to help Without having to spend energy to join a large Xiangponaodai elements but ultimately found that it is not applicable to rework. In this way, we can The fast and varied to generate a lot of new ideas, and then immediately try to decide whether the results. Of course, individual subjects are not This method is suitable for different design requirements for the screen to local conditions.

STEP 5: lower transparency, starting line design

The use of lines is different depending on the artist’s paintings used to be, and there is no absolute good or bad. For starters, the line is still necessary to practice is issued, it is the “practice hand” and “training the mind” has a great help, the so-called “training the mind” refers to the common enemy of those who study painting – “patience” of the deficiency. Line is very magical, we profound traditional delineation of the severity of the use of hard and soft lines, turning the structure of the performance of interludes called a must, the world’s art galleries and unique. Some excellent hands CG art, but also can line performance thoroughly, the picture beautifully. Of course, some do not have a direct line issued on the way to paint color, a very good demonstration of skillful brushwork and bold thinking, concise picture of efforts made by road. So a variety of style is different, do not mind the process of apprenticeship narrow forms of artistic expression to the Sea, appreciate, and then find out for yourself. So now the picture is a fine line can not be called contour lines, and its role is to help design more important to distinguish between type and block, shall set detailed map of fuzzy brain.

STEP 6: initially set the background composition

Do the above work, the protagonist of the put off by. We must take into account the overall process of the screen, many students because it is easy to fall into that characterize the local, lead to an overall sense of loss, the picture unimaginative. This time to restrain myself not to blindly sculpture, but in the overall composition, the picture is balanced, tension set on the performance of multi-gas field under the point of effort, the sub body do what I do it, so always check with the main inter-subunit. Consider this figure than the strong feeling of depth of space, then pull on the gray level contrast (generally, after more than black and white before the law before and after the level of shape), the initial establishment of good atmospheric perspective. Cusp of the cliff to the gas field is also done with the screen point to the Perspective of days, showing a good sense of shock and awe looking up. Other small supporting role is also painting a picture, try the composition effect.

STEP 7: to enhance a sense of before and after the light

Taking into account the open sky, it is necessary to continue to pull back its depth, coupled with cloud cover expected in the portal’s self-luminous efficiency, we have a little brighter. Gray also mentioned the inherent wings is even expected from the bright light, easy and the back design of the holy angels appear to echo.

STEP 8: the initial adjustment of the background color. Work to determine the color tone.

This time, generally gray to establish a good relationship to begin to define the color tone of the work, and personally think that this point is very important. For painting, we will have a process of visual fatigue, eye color sensitivity decreased with time, so sometimes it is necessary to put colors in the paint early tone adjust, back to the time with the best color sense tune out the effect of walking, of course, does not rule out the middle need to constantly adjust based on screen, but the basic always changing it. Having regard to the subject’s performance, the choice of the grayish green tone for the devil render war atmosphere.

STEP 9: initially with decorative colors

Make a big color for the screen color and decorative embellishment ancillary effect of color to try. Character design is usually divided into three color regions: the main color, secondary color, decorative color. The use of these theories in my next tutorial will explain one by one. So color is not random test pilot, you have to consider a good color temperature, brightness, ensuring that non-painted eyes bright enough to grab parts of the visual, drawing the eye to be enough to clear parts of the light-colored. That this time complementary color, contrast and color similar to the use of color is important.

STEP 10: adding complementary color background light

I said before painting can not trade-off, and now go back to the background color. In general, there is a large area of the screen would be more contrasting colors echo the sense, so the comparison of selected gray green color – gray red, as a ground light, which also foreshadowed the back surface of magma.

STEP 11: between light and dark refinement, adding a scene with objects

To further regulate the relationship between global and local, the process has identified a number of slowly refining the local design scene with the objects, are tentative at this time draws on, immediately replaced ineffective, good at drawing process deny yourself. Then in the rest eyes closed the gap of time, let the eyes relax, so you can re-open your eyes, the feeling of facing a new screen.

STEP 12: trimming the edge line

Rest is complete, the next is the “dirty work” – and trimming. This lack of patience, the students most painful, however, to draw a good picture must be patient, impulsive feeling will not let you draw down, or even drop out, so the attitude is very important. At this time, the picture remains of a large number of strokes in the early stage with the resulting “chaos”, need to make myself as a return to “cleaner” to clean them. Of course, at this time is still not too careful cleaning, the most painful refinement still last.

STEP 13: adjust the main light

Clean for a while, the main image slowly emerge. The time to start its three-dimensional shape. So for three-dimensional relationship to a very important – lighting. General video and photographs, the lighting will have three light sources claim that the main light, side light and backlight. The screen is no exception, the first light hit the front top of the main square, formed by light to illuminate the subject matter backlight surface, resulting in Sketch three-dimensional effect; second side light produced by the latter part of the magma, the formation of hue contrast and illuminate the backlight surface; Finally, backlit by the sky behind the production, designed to clearly outline the main thing. Of course, now the screen does not necessarily show it, but it should be light to play these in mind, thinking clearly, in a targeted manner to adjust the lighting.

STEP 14: continue to refine the screen

Work should be inserted between, and came to the cleaning time, although refinement is manual labor, but at least let live brain rest. Detailed attention to the main points: First, the convenience of multi-use software, such as brush, lasso, fill, material overlay, layer effects to add, etc.; the second step is best not to have to keep some of the back of paintings to ensure that the medium have a better idea to join and come to naught.

STEP 15: tentative dotted with light effect

Refinement process may wish to make a new layer try to add some decorative effect light effects, to determine the going is good, multi-shaped light pen attribute Linear Dodge mode. That would simulate the feeling of a hazy fog photons.

STEP 16: once again expand the canvas, to increase the screen saturation

Then again, do not feel able to meet the composition of the canvas, ok, continue to expand the canvas to allow more space, and will not be too crowded composition. And then also strengthened on the color saturation, so that more exciting on the observability of the eye.

STEP 17: increasing the wings, enhanced momentum

The larger canvas, then when the wings become smaller. Apart from anything else, too!

STEP 18: detailed character design. Increase the scenes details

Back to look at the overall and local co-ordination, the main design that is enhanced when it is good, the use of “Five design rules – then re-set tie to wear” (after the use of means speak), so that diverse elements together to increase the texture of materials of different thickness between the change and hierarchy. Then, the scene along with other parts of shaping up. Behind the mountain, the ground stone, bone side of the road, behind the dust, etc., are now beginning preliminary envisaged.

STEP 19: increasing the role of the details

Distribution of the green screen to do a bit of red small adjustment, because the location magma changed, why change? Stretched canvas because after just forgot to change. Ha ha. Details continue to shape, then the need for more freely big screen, so as to describe the details. Some students in the software painting has maintained a relatively high rate of image scaling, the brush radius is so big, so of course, can not describe the small things. At this time the screen is still very crude, refined or the road is long Come, come on!

STEP 20: continue to design new elements

Now a new element only minor repairs, does not affect the design of a large tone. But note that the design is not more complex the better. Design emphasis on rhythm, sometimes to the size of display Traditional and Simplified distribution properly, do not feature the emergence of an independent element, there must be excessive and echo, so they are not too visually obtrusive, or to become a patchwork of cottage body.

STEP 21: refinement of background

Continue to enhance light efficiency, in this subtly screen, light is very important. Then it is time to paint the background of the. Expected in this setting, the subject matter is the one behind the smoke of the battlefield, swirling dust, smoke signals and even the formation of a Devil with a monster-like fighting, the ground is the Terran army soldiers machinery, together with the Holy Guardian headed towards Devil soldiers.

STEP 22: modify the details

At this time some new ideas continue to emerge, together with details of the characterization, with the changes inside. It is worth recalling, however, we must not forget the half-way preservation, from time to time about Ctrl + S is the creator of the necessary computer habits.

STEP 23: color adjustment

This session went on to add a new element. On the color temperature, the half-way eyes closed a bit, and that the images there is room for change, so the color temperature to adjust a bit.

STEP 24: adjusting the composition of scene elements

Slowly the realization of the idea of 21, began Xintian scene and adjust the other constituent element. This process needs to remind you that your idea is to keep walking in front of the brush, do not take things one step, because the role of an increased, something to consider and control will increase, including the parting distribution, role orientation, field with so, if not the first will probably want a good composition, it would be more easy to draw arbitrary.

STEP 25: increasing the role of ambient light

Link to screen environmental light an important bridge in different individuals, influence each other only in the shade of the case, there will feel the same space objects. Ambient light color and intensity of light by light materials, the real world, different materials have different refractive index and surface reflectivity, absorption of various wavelengths of different hues would affect the level of performance, of course, we also need to screen proper handling of the strength of the actual situation, to meet the artistic expression.

STEP 26: detailed scenes

Since it is a supporting role, asked to do too much refinement, the performance of roughly about the outline and shape by light, some are self-luminous body, but we should also appropriately reduced strength, to ensure that no looting of the main.

STEP 27: increasing background dust and fog effects

Dust and mist can be characterized by a special brush, simple and the results. However, there is patient, can also be characterized with a round brush out, this is. Note that the performance of the main body of the vague and chaotic good virtual, multi-layer translucent regulation is also a good choice.


The body of the hostile character, combined with a backlight in addition to the corner of the screen, then consciously blur them. The theme of light chain content, then describe a little more.

STEP 29: the third expansion of the canvas, shaping the broad sky

The adjustment of the wing, then the canvas once again feel inadequate, because the feeling is very oppressive on the composition, the longitudinal direction of expansion of the past and shaping the broad sky, but also for shaping the clouds make more space. Ps This is a free creative kind of work, so the canvas size, but change it anyway. However, if the ratio is to provide a good picture, it would have to adjust a composition at an early stage.

STEP 30: increasing the role of magic effects

Add magic effects, is the class of fire chaotic body. Such objects can be used to draw a special brush, you can also describe themselves. Personal recommendations or portraying himself as a dynamic effect, they failed to portray a good brush.


Nearing completion, and then adjust the local eyesore, or is that better place. This time you will generally anxious, and wanted to get the end screen. In fact, the more to stabilize the more mind to the end, time permitting, as far as the pursuit of excellence, this is a mentality of art workers of the others.

STEP 32: increase the flame picture to create atmosphere

Finally, adjust the light efficiency, light-emitting points so that the separation of many primary and secondary screen, and then adjust the overall look at the total picture contrast, hue and brightness bias, and enhance a sense of atmosphere. Completed.

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