Making of Midnight Floret Video Part 2

Making of Midnight Floret Video Part 2
Used Software: Photoshop
Completion Time: 1 hour 44 min

The second video tutorial of making “Midnight Floret” by Harvey “soulspline” Bunda.
Harvey N. Bunda is not a newbie at Painting. DTUTs. He has already created a few tutorials for us including Making of First Light Petals and Painting a comic character

In the 2nd tutorial Harvey is making the jewel, lace and skirt

Video 1

Video 2

“My name is Harvey Bunda and I live in the Philippines. I am pretty diverse when it comes to which mediums I use. I started out doing traditional paintings and pencils and then shifted towards digital art. I still paint on canvass when I have some free time. My job takes up most of my time since I also usually color and paint my own page”.
Visit Harvey’s page where you will find you will find a sampler of his works, collected during the several years. These include pencil work, inking and coloring – both digitally using a number of art programs and through more traditional media such as oil paints.

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  • Harvey “soulspline” Bunda also known as H.N.Bunda on his paintings is a comic book artist, concept artist and painter, he specializes on visual narrative work on his comic clients and also mixes his outstanding oil painting skills to digital media.

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