Making of Vamp

Making of Vamp
Skill Level: Advanced
Used Software: Photoshop
Completion Time: 4 hours

The idea in this picture was to create a disturbing portrait introducing such elements as the color of the eyes and the canine teeth, but without exaggeration.


First, I did a sketch using a small hard brush -5 px- with low opacity -20%-. I use to work with very clean sketches, using the rubber to delete dirty traces and to obtain a clean line. With it, I have a clear reference when I start to add color.


Then, I start to create layers of color, using sometimes false colors like red for a better visualization. The plain colors are used as independent canvas locking its opacity (Screen 01). For the hair I´d define the finest hairs with a very thin brushes and taking low pressure on the Wacom in each trace, almost caressing the tablet surface with the pen. Once finished this step It´s very important to have a layer for a color palette and to do all tests of color and brushes. (Screen 02)


For to paint the eyes, I used different layers, for the eye lashes, the iris and the light spots. As in the rest of the picture, I used standard brushes with different opacities. (Screen 03)


The next step was to paint the face volumes. For that I used a darker tone and bigger brushes. (Screen 04) The key is to define first the volumes with the same color and then to finish it with different tones, browns and darker flesh tones, even white for lightest areas and sutile touches of black in the darkest ones or some touches of make up. (Screen 05)


I have an habit: when I paint white skins I use always the same tones and when I finish it, I appeal to variations for modify the tones. In this way, I did some variations in the face for to add more red and yellow and to obtain a bit of bronze skin tone. (Screen 06)


Then, I started to work on lips, one of the key point of the picture. There are a very sensual lips, with a lot of volume and shines. I prefer to work from darker to lightest, so I started to paint first the shadows that define the volume with browns and diferent sizes of standard brushes with low opacity. (Screen 07)


Once I finished the lips with the shines with touches of pure white, then I started to work with teeth and tongue. For the teeth, I used a very light grey and touches of white; never a tooth is really white, no matter what TV stars say. (Screen 08) The touches of pure white add the wet look.


The next challenge is the hair. Some people asked me for how I paint the hair of my girls and maybe the next tutorial will talk only about that. In this case, I´d create some layers for the different levels or tones. The hair in this layers was painted with fine brushes, even 3 px. and tones like yellows and white.


The last step was the blood flowing over her jawbone. It was painted in an independent layer using only three tones: a dark red with a touch of black and white for the shines. (Screen 11)

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