3D Printing – A New Opportunity for Commercial Printers

In recent years, the concept of 3D printing has taken the world by storm, promising to change forever the process involved in manufacturing. The process is also often referred to as additive manufacturing because it adds on layers of materials rather than carving out something by cutting it up. The concept has excited all since […]

Announcement: Winners $350 Store Credits on 3DExport

We recently ran a giveaway for First place: $200 credits, Second place: $100 credits and Third place: $50 credits on the 3DExport store. In this post, you’ll see the 3 lucky 3Dexport’s readers who have won the giveaway.

25 Cool 3D Sport Car Models

We’ve featured a roundup of the most outstanding 3D Sport Car Models that you can stumble across during every day browsing. We selected some really well designed, high quality of modeling 3d sport cars. In our roundup of the week, we bring you the best modeling from around the web, so take a look get […]

Giveaway: Win $350 Store Credits on 3DExport

In this giveaway we offer three awards: First place: $200 credits, Second place: $100 credits and Third place: $50 credits. Read on to find out how you can be one of the three lucky winners!

Impact of 3d printing affecting the design industry

3D printing or Additive manufacturing is revolutionising the world. What exactly does it mean? You can get three-dimensional physical objects printed right out of a printer. Wait, this is a different kind of a printer. So far, traditional printing was restricted to two dimensions.

40 Photorealistic 3D Retro Car Models

In this roundup we’ve gathered the coolest 40 Photorealistic 3D Retro Car Models for your projects. Save your time and money and download high quality Retro 3D models from 3DExport.

5 High-end WordPress plugins tailored to please 3D printing fans

Just like the growing success and popularity of WordPress web development, even the 3D printing industry has witnessed an incredible amount of growth over the recent years.

3D printed food. The future of cooking

The concept of 3D printing is a relatively new concept in print technology. Although this concept started to take shape much earlier, the actual term of 3D printing was heard for the first time in 2010. The process involves using 3 axis namely the x, y and z as opposed to only x and y […]

3D Printing: Awesome Android apps that help you get started

Fading away of the 2D ecosphere has created room for the emergence of the 3D Universe. Whether you’re a regular customer or the owner of an established enterprise, 3D printing definitely holds a special place in all your tasks.

Spring Collection of Fantastic 3D Characters

With the use of some of the 3D tools it’s possible to create really impressive effects. One can make his characters pictures and images look more vivid and lifelike. Today, we have collected some fantastic and cartoon 3d characters.

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